You guessed it! We're going virtual. Rather than wait to hear that we STILL can't get together in person, we are planning for the ultimate online party full of Rock Revival cast members from our past 30 years. 


Celebrities making an appearance may (or may not) include our City's mayor, our past City's mayor, and other leading citizens of our favourite region in the whole country.

We want to know which acts you remember from days past, which ones you would love to see again, and who you would pay to watch one more time.  Check out our "Hall of Rock' to refresh your memory and get ready to vote for your favourites. Our tech team is busy compiling video footage from every show we have ever done, and mixing it with a little fun from 2020. More details about how you can be "in the show" will be posted on Facebook and Instagram.

So, save the date, Saturday, February 27, 2021, and link up with us on Facebook for updates regarding tickets, our donation page, and any other fun stuff we can think of before then.

Like the rest of the world, we would prefer to see you all again in person, but until we can do that safely, we will be coming to a screen near you!

Curtis Krawchuk, has been volunteering his time and talent by capturing photos of our Rock Stars on stage for years.


“I started taking RR pictures in 2008 after my friend Colin Yardley suggested that I tag along.  I was immediately impressed with the energy and enthusiasm that everyone brings to the event, and the professional production level that all makes it work.  Taking pictures is my passion, and you guys make it really easy to take great shots and have fun while doing it.  To top it off, it’s for a really great cause.  I have a blast every year!”


Rock Revival Kitchener - An Upper 59 Production

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