Rock Revival Kitchener - An Upper 59 Production

The Rock Revival Executive Committee


Co-Chair: Vicky Girimonte 

519-741-2200 x 5503   



Co-Chair: Greg Kay

                         519-741-2200 x 7772                         

City Liaison: Stephanie Brasseur

Financial Director: Noelle English

Secretary: Somer Nyp

Public Relations: Lisa VanGalen

Communications: Tiffany Balork


Silent Auction Coordinator - Lisa VanGalen

Casting Director – Steve Van De Keere


Casting Director – Melinda Nowak

Stage Director – Scott Gibson


Production Director: Vicky Girimonte

Production Director: Rita Gomes

Facilities & Equipment Director : Scott Gibson


Choreographer – Melinda Nowak

Webmaster – Vicky Girimonte



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