If you like music and are aching to try something different, perhaps check something off your bucket list?  Then experiencing Rock Revival is what you have to do!  There is nothing more exhilarating than getting up on stage, stepping outside of your comfort zone and letting everything all out.  All your inhibitions of stage fright or being on stage in front of a crowd…that all goes away in the first 15 seconds you are in front of your audience.


Hey!  You’re not singing for real!  You are lip-syncing to your favourite song of the past!  We all have that ‘inner rock star’…Rock Revival will give you the opportunity to shine!


Before you do anything…check your calendar.  Are you free in late February?  Yes?  Good because that is when the show goes live.


Next, submit an act, click here.  Think of an iconic song of the past that you would like to replicate.  You can view songs that have been performed in past shows by going to the Hall of Rock tab on the website. 


Then, watch videos of your artist and come up with a routine.  You can be as authentic as you like, as funny as you like and be as creative as you can be.  Everything goes at Rock Revival.  It doesn’t have to be perfect.  That is what practices are for.


First practice date and location will be announced as early as possible. Please make every effort to attend this practice as lots of information will be provided.


Bring your music.  The original CD with your song will be required to be submitted to the Casting Director.  Copies or YouTube recordings are not acceptable (poor quality). More information will be provided at practice about music requirements.


Attend as many practices as you can during the months of January and February. Practices take place on Sunday afternoons (1 – 4 pm) throughout all of January and February.  We strongly encourage you to attend all practices as it is a great opportunity for information-sharing and feedback and encouragement from your fellow rockers.


Final audition takes place on the last Sunday in January.  You must attend this one if you want to be in the show.


If you need extra choreography, there are opportunities available mid-week so contact Melinda Nowak our choreographer. (See contacts page for email)


Hey!  This is awesome fun!  You will meet new friends and build relationships and memories that will last a life time.  And the best thing yet!  We do this all for Children’s Wish Foundation to make a child’s wish come true!